You Don't Know The Struggle: Day One

Women often get to make a big deal out of what they're "supposed" to look like. Unhealthy body image and stuff like that, being fed by magazines with smokes like Selena Gomez or whoever on the cover. Whatever skinny waif is popular at the moment. It's not dissimilar for dudes, I don't think. Or, at the very least,… »2/06/14 7:35pm

Jobs, Not Steve

So, like every twentysomething (soon to be thirtysomething), I'm always on the lookout for something new and exciting in terms of career. I'm currently employed in the field that I want to work in, for a trade publication, however; I'm hourly and not salaried, with no benefits. While I have no complaints regarding my… »1/08/14 10:28pm