So I've been pretty rigorous with counting my calories, even in the face of my mom's homemade pizza, foccacia bread and pasta, going out to dinner with friends at Texas Roadhouse (after not consuming bit of food until around 5 pm that same day, basically being in starvation mode) and hitting a popular local brewhouse (or whatever it is). The results don't lie: I've lost 6.2 lbs.

Now, this isn't a cause for celebration. Don't call the band just yet. There's still plenty of weight to be lost (and hopefully never found again). The weight loss is always easiest at the beginning, which, to some, is inspiring, but knowing the struggle my entire life, I know that the battle is only uphill from here. There's nothing to celebrate until around August or September, when I'll hopefully be on the cusp of achieving what I'm looking to achieve.


At the same time, I'm thankful for the loss. I'm glad to see that (even with only one day of "strength training" as MyFitnessPal puts it) the introduction of MyFitnessPal into my daily life hasn't made dieting/exercise/whatever all that difficult. Having a busy schedule surely helps, especially yesterday, burning myself to the point where I didn't consume anything until the evening, which was troubling, but is something that happens often, since I refuse to be one of those people who "snacks" throughout the day, eating nuts, seeds and other bullshit. I'd rather save the calories for a grown-up meal, not a fucking half a handful of boring-ass almonds.

I've made a few discoveries during this first week that surprised me:


1) The salad I had at Texas Roadhouse was only 670 calories. This is almost a third of what the Quesadilla Explosion salad at Chili's is. Considering Texas Roadhouse's salad was infinitely better than my Chili's staple salad could ever dream of being, I think I'd like to make Texas Roadhouse a regular spot.

2) Also at Texas Roadhouse, their absurdly-delicious bread rolls aren't horrible for you. I had three, which clocked in at a paltry 681 calories.


3) A lemon Diet Snapple is only 10 calories. Shit is just as good as the regular, so don't front.

4) 7-11's turkey and cheese small sub is only 320 calories. It's filling, too, and takes care of my cheese cravings.


All in all, I can see introducing Diet Snapples, 7-11 sammiches and more restaurant salads into my diet. I was worried about Texas Roadhouse, to be honest, but that caloric amount is absurd. I also polished off like, two or three unsweetened iced teas while there. At the end of the night, I still had around 1,000 calories remaining, which is the most I've ever had left to burn. I've ended up with leftover calories essentially every night since starting MyFitnessPal. I'm pretty happy about that.

We'll see how things are moving forward, however; I like where things are at now. I haven't had anything to eat yet today, which is, of course, an issue, however; I know what's on the horizon for lunch: footlong honey oat sandwich, veggie patty, tons of veggies, light mayo and a splash of sweet onion sauce from Subway.


That's what I usually order from there anyway, so, ain't no thang.

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