The strangest side effect of beginning this diet has easily been the lucid dreams. I've had the recurring dream about Allison Williams from Girls hitting on me while my girlfriend prepares snacks for us and I ignore her advances by asking whether or not she'll be in the new Fantastic Four movie (she is not). I also had a dream, more recently, about hanging out with Michael Cudlitz on the set of The Walking Dead.

What was strange about the Cudlitz dream is that I was myself, but Cudlitz and I were old friends. I've never met the guy. I don't have many friends in the "film industry," however; this dream made Ole' Cuddy and I out to be legendary chums.


But why Cudlitz? Why not someone like Ryan Gosling? Why not James Franco? These are dudes I'd chop a pinky off to hang with. Nope. Michael fucking Cudlitz. Probably because he's a boss-level character actor who seems like a genuinely cool dude. He was in Grosse Point Blank after all, so, that's instant-cool level in my book.

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At the same time, I'm just amazed at the other dreams I've had while on the diet. I typically don't remember dreams, nor do I analyze them after having them, but now, it's different. I wake up remembering them more clearly. As if they're more vivid than ever before.

There's plenty of writing geared toward the notion of poor sleep patterns being connected to a poor diet, but it was difficult finding anything specifically highlighting the concept of weight loss and vivid/lucid dreams.


Women's Day published a cheesy slideshow of things that make an impact on your dreams. They highlight "going to bed hungry" and "sleeping on your stomach" as two things that apparently impact one's dreams. While I wouldn't necessarily say that I've been going to bed hungry, I certainly haven't been consuming the level of food that I normally would have been, pre-bedtime. I would imagine this is part of what has led to my almost-nightly dreaming.

If only I could make that Kat Dennings/Chloe Sevigny/Isabella Soprano/chocolate pudding dream happen on demand.

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